Celebrating Progress

  • GEMS does not make an issue of intelligence. Progress is given more importance than accomplishment.
  • Value Added Calculations are Based on the Premise of Competition with Oneself, not Others.


  • No child is left behind.
  • Every child moves forward.
  • There is no glass ceiling.
  • Every child is special and every child progresses.
  • Differentiation of study objectives is done without classifying pupils.

GEMS Dynamic Assessments

Even at the beginning of a term, every student demonstrates some level of understanding of each concept which is to be taught in a term.

Some students get 80% or more marks at the time of the baseline survey itself.





A Teacher's Job Made Easier

Beyond entering topic wise marks, the teacher does not have to create the individual plans or allocate materials on their own (which are generated by a computer). They can always, however, add to these plans or modify them.

Thereby, a teacher is able to make plans to help differentiate between student needs without classifying them.

When diagnostic information is coupled with materials that are automatically matched to every student’s personal needs, a teacher is able to maximise class potential.

Overview of strengths at the beginning and end of a term for English and Mathematics


GEMS Value-Added
Progress Is More Important Than Accomplishment

Progress as Measurement

NGS celebrates progress. By conducting a baseline and a progress survey, NGS documents each child's personal progress and focuses on every child's improvement, not only accomplishment. This builds intrinsic motivation to succeed and every child progresses. All students are challenged and all students are supported at their level.


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