NGS is always on the lookout for creative and talented individuals who have a passion and the commitment to make a difference in the lives of the young.

We are a new school and thus expanding each year by adding classes or variety to our programmes for our children in all aspects, academic and non-academic. We also are often in need of committed and talented individuals interested in working part or full time with our DEVI children in the 2nd shift and for teachers and trainers for the NGS Teacher’s Training Programme.

All students at NGS and DEVI attend school for five days a week. The sixth day is kept for planning each new week, reviewing the past week and for in-service training. While our regular teachers are engaged in weekly planning, a second set of teachers come on Saturdays specifically to develop the talents and interests of our children in such diverse fields as photography, sewing & knitting, arts & crafts, calligraphy, music, sports, martial arts, swimming, horse riding, and the like. To this, we would like to add other options and we welcome your participation.

We welcome part and full timers, presenters, consultants and foreign language experts. We also welcome individuals who provide value-added in any capacity, for example, a sculptor willing to share his / her talent with the children or an expert of astronomy willing to share how the earth began and show pictures of stars and constellations, the earth from the skies, among others.

We welcome you to apply in any capacity and then we will either match you with an existing position if available or create a position around your talents if room can be created for your area of expertise. Just send us an email to and one of us will get back to you. Alternately, just call us on our school numbers or just drop by (see contact information).

We thank you for visiting this page and look forward to your application and participation in making a difference in the lives of our children.

Best regards,
Sunita Gandhi

NGS provides a warm and caring school community where we appreciate the good in each person, transparency and discussion on issues of concern and in ‘being hard on each problem and soft on the person’. We create a school ethos free of backbiting and negative talk and focus on solutions to each problem, appreciating the good in all new ideas and in being open to mistakes. We believe schools must be places of utmost perfection, where ideals are both set and met. This way, we attempt to create the possibility of a more peaceful, loving and humane world. When children see genuine concern and caring among staff members, they learn from this more than what we talk and say. Indeed, as the old paradigm states, ‘our actions speak louder than our words’.

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