Spirit to be

Universal values like honesty, truthfulness and hardwork, are extolled in all the religions of the world. These values are necessary for an individual to live a life of meaning and fulfillment. These are also necessary for society. It also implies that they must cultivate the purity of heart, fine manners and humility.

Heart to love

Children need to develop an international perspective and a global vision so that they may become true citizens of the world. This means:

  • Respect for all cultures, traditions and religious of the world.
  • Reverence for all forms of life, plants, animals and the environment.
  • Love for diversity, seeing unity in university
  • Working for welfare of the entire.

Mind to discover

Children need to make the pursuit of quality and excellence a habit.

This is possible when they learn to:

  • compete with themselves.
  • appreciate beauty
  • aim for perfection in all they do for this, teachers and parents need to visualise every child as innately capable and already successful.

Body and Skills to do and to serve

Children need to learn to serve from the earliest ages. Service must become a way of life, not just a random act of charity, and offered as worship to God.

  • Children must be engaged in projects that give them opportunity for service learning, social entrepreneurship and servant leadership.
  • Children must also learn the dignity of labour.

20 ways

Nurture inspires life and learning