The purpose of NURTURE at NGS is to develop confidence in each child.


Nurture assessments cover a wider canvas of objectives and define success more broadly. Children self-evaluate progress and each other in a dynamic process that involves all children.


NGS assessment process not only informs but also builds confidence in every child, inspires and empowers him/her towards perfection.

Compete With Yourself!

When children compete with themselves, they try harder, give up less often and accomplish more. They are also more intrinsically motivated.

Lifeskills Training

NGS provides opportunity for lifeskills training by including planning, goal setting and time management as part of its academic programme.

Universal Values

Spirit to be

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Global Understanding

Heart to love

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Excellence in All Things

Mind to discover

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Service to Humanity

Body and Skills to do and to serve

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How NGS is different

NGS is built on years of international experience of Dr Sunita Gandhi and her family's know-how of running City Montessori School, Lucknow, world's largest school, a Guinness World Record Holder, and recipient UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

Beyond getting an initial education in Lucknow, Sunita Gandhi qualified for the toughest scholarship at Cambridge University’s Trinity College where she completed a doctorate in Physics. She then entered into world’s most sought after jobs to work on educational policy at the World Bank in Washington, DC, where she was selected in a worldwide competition to become a Young Professional. This led her into management positions within the World Bank which she served for nearly 10 years.

Dr Gandhi has traveled to and studied education systems in 38 countries and started schools in the Czech Republic, Iceland and India. With a team of over 200 people working on four continents, Dr Gandhi has come up with Nurture International Model of Schooling which is based on the four building blocks of education, and the principle of ‘Compete With Yourself!' Sunita Gandhi started Nurture Schools to enable her to implement a much wider agenda of reform in education than is possible in schools with already established norms.

A World Class Curriculum
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